Creating the Perfect Event Listing.

Who, what, where, and when, with a little marketing thrown in for good measure. That’s all there is to it.

Let’s face it if we all had crystal balls so we could figure out exactly when our event is NOT going to conflict with another great event it would be easy… but we don’t have a crystal ball. So that is where we come in.

It’s all pretty simple really. Post your event on our site and they will come. Almost always.

The first step is listing your event on our site. (If you don’t list it, no one will see it). Not only do you have to list your event on the site, you have to make it sound like it’s the event of the year that they don’t want to miss. Just how do you do that? Let’s go over the basics.

You have to:

  • Name the event
  • Tell everyone where it is and how to get there (the address).
  • What time they need to show up to register and what will it cost. Kickstands up time is nice but you are giving the riders a list minute time and believe you me they will make good use of that, so you might want to give out the registration time.
    Quid pro quo… We will give you this if you come to our event. Entice your riders with goodies
  • What other events, activities or entertainment will there be? (Food, drinks, live music, vendors)
  • Final destination (in case someone gets lost) Run stops aren’t really necessary. That can be announced at sign in. The only exception to that rule is if the stop is someplace really special which could be the reason the rider decided to go to the event in the first place.
    Here is a great example:
    14th Annual Summertime Run. Don’t miss this event it starts at Ryan’s Cycle Sales – 123 S. Main St. Anytown, AZ. 85555. Sign up starts at 8:30 A.M. and the cost $10 Rider / $15 Couple. There will be donuts and coffee. Run ends at Anytown Harley-Davidson where there will be Live music by (insert band here), BBQ, Drinks and vendors. Also on hand raffles, 50/50, and other surprises. For more information call 555-555-5555 or visit