Wow, this weather is really great for riding. I was out at Westgate and there were a lot of people there. My problem is that my bike is down and my mechanic is moving. So, I am doing it myself; which will take a lot longer. This time of the year is great not only because of the weather, but because of all the charity rides that go on. The beauty of this is that biker groups come together for a common cause — to HELP.

Let’s all take this time to acknowledge each other and respect each other. The world around us is getting really weird and we need to bond together. In the motorcycle world there are many factions (groups) but we are bonded with a love and respect that the world doesn’t fully understand. It’s the kind of love the Bible talks about; “Love your neighbor as yourself”. The idea is that you wouldn’t do harm to yourself on purpose and you want only good for yourself.

So, that is how we should feel about others. I can say that I love and respect everyone in the motorcycle community regardless of their patch. It’s a great way to live and think. My pray that you all have a great holiday season, and of course I encourage each of you to seek out the Reason for the Season; God’s gift of Jesus.Crosses

Till we meet ride safe and God’s blessing!


Pastor Cliff, C.M.A.
Christian Motorcycle Association
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November 1, 2015    Motorcycle Ministries