AMSAF is the Foundation started to help the Motorcycle Community from a Safety and Awareness standpoint with the ultimate GOAL of helping to reduce Motorcycle crashes and fatalities.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • On a monthly basis we give out Scholarships for Motorcycle Training at any of the MSF certified schools here in Arizona. The course is over 2 days long and is a Basic Rider Course. Our intent is to get as many folks into Motorcycle Training as we can. This includes new rider’s, want to be riders, riders that have been riding for a long time without an endorsement and those that have been riding for a period of time with a M endorsement. The best way to help the Motorcycle Community is through education. Our Scholarships offer you an opportunity to get into the course through your donation to AMSAF that is spelled out in the Scholarship application. We want to help you take a course and at the same time save you some money. Go to http://www.amsaf.org/scholarships/ and sign up the 1st Monday or 3rd Monday of the month depending on what county you live in. Scholarships go fast, so if you’re serious about taking a course be sure to sign up. It’s important to AMSAF that YOU have the ability to pick the school of oour choice when getting a Scholarship.
  • Every Tuesday on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/AMSAF.ORG, we give out some great motorcycle Safety tips. Some weeks you might see more than one. Check them out and pass them on to your friends via sharing. You might help a friend or yourself.
  • Once a year we put on an event called “Riding for the Long Haul” This event involves Motorcycle training schools, State, Healthcare, Motorcycle Business’s and those involved in working to reduce Motorcycle Crashes and Fatalities. This event is March 12th.
  • AMSAF is working with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to distribute “KNOW YOUR LIMIT” cards. Help us prevent DUI crashes and fatalities. Did you know it takes 2 hours to burn off 1 beer and 4 hours for 2 glasses of wine? Don’t take the chance. It’s not worth it. As you can see from the above activities, AMSAF continues to stay busy helping the Motorcycle Community. We’re not a political organization; we just want to help as much as we can to reduce Motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Check out our web site at www.amsaf.org.

amsaf_logoAMSAF is a 501c3 nonprofit and all of our income goes to the above goals to help the Community. We are constantly looking for Sponsors to help us grow financially and for donations, no matter how small they might be. If interested in helping us out, go to: http://www.amsaf.org/contribute-volunteer/

The Board of AMSAF would like to thank all of you that have helped us through your donation, passing on our Safety tips and for taking a Motorcycle Course. Help us reduce Motorcycle crashes and fatalities.

Mick Degn
Chairman – Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)
www.amsaf.org • info@amsaf.org

May 6, 2016    AMSAF News