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The break we have all been waiting for is here!! Cool mornings and evenings… There are more and more bikes out on the road and people enjoying the riding season here in Phoenix. Don’t forget to get your bike ready before you hit the road. Starting with tire pressure as that can change with the season and it will make your trip more enjoyable. Pack warm as you don’t know when things can go wrong and you might be sitting on the side of the road when the sun goes down. If you have space a small jump pack it is a great thing to carry. It can jump a bike (or a car) it is a flashlight and can charge your cell phone. It is amazing that when you need to make an emergency call your phone is always almost dead. If you have a little extra room a flare or a foldable reflector are always good in a nighttime emergency.

Freeway breakdowns can be dangerous and downright scary. If you find yourself on the freeway and stuck on the HOV lane side make your first call to 911 and ask for DPS. They will come to you and do a traffic break to let you get to the right side in a safer place. If for some reason you can’t get to the over side they will stay behind you until help arrives. Don’t risk your safety. If you find yourself in an area with no cell service you can call 911 and it will work. The dispatcher can help you get help on the way.

So get out and ride this season and enjoy the cooler weather and all the great places in this beautiful State. Stay safe and if you get in a jam you know what to do. Ride Safe and Ride Often!

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November 1, 2016    Towing Tips