Arlene HayesA SHOT FROM AK

My article relates to a personal incident that happened to me. It’s a about the “Biker Code” that we should all have, respect and honor. It was March 25 and I was heading north on the 17, going to pay respects to the Carefree highway victims. I was riding along, when my bike started pulling to the left. I knew something was wrong. I slowed way down as it continued to get worse, I got to the side as quickly as I possibly could. I was right before the Carefree highway exit very visible to EVERYONE.

Low and the hold my tire was going flat. Just the week before, I had checked the pressure added some air and all was good so I was bit confused as to what was going on. So I started thinking about who could come and help me out, I proceeded to make a few phone calls.

Here is where that “Biker Code” comes in. At the very minimum, 5+ people on bikes rode right past me without so much as a wave a slow down… Nothing. The first and only person to stop, was someone in a truck on his way to work. He waited for me to finish my phone calls to secure some help, he then gave me a ride to the Roadhouse (where he was heading). At the tail end of all of this when my friend and I were limping my bike home, who stopped? A young man on a crotch rocket, maybe all of 21, 22 years old…humm.

Guys, what if that was your girlfriend, your sister, your friend sitting there on the side of the highway by herself? Ladies, your man, your brother, your friend? What if it would have been the middle of the night versus the middle of the afternoon? I’ve only been riding for a little over 10 years now, but I learned at the very beginning that you NEVER just pass a fellow biker on the side of the road. Slow down, give them a thumbs up, do something to make sure they’re OK.

The Biker Code goes way past my 10 years of riding, so why do I see so little of that? That cold beer we are heading can wait for a minute or two. Please… take care of our own, our biker family Ride safe, make sure your fellow riders are safe …..enjoy all that we have in this beautiful world!

Arlene Hayes “AK47”
American Legion Post 2 – American Legion Riders, Post 2

May 25, 2016    A Shot From AK