AZ Motorcycle Riders Foundation

Dale Dedrick

LET THOSE WHO RIDE…DECIDE has always been my belief no matter what the issue. We are all responsible riders and should expect a safe environment to enjoy our lifestyles in….

I will be going to the BIKERS on the BELTWAY Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. on May 23, 2017 to represent Arizona and talk to our lawmakers about your concerns

I would like to see more legislation regarding driver awareness, distracted drivers and road hazards

On march 14th the SB1082 Motorcycle Safety Fund Bill was passed into law. This Bill allocates 1 dollar from all motorcycle registrations to be used for motorcycle rider safety course scholarships. Thanks go out to our lobbyists Mike Infanzon and Bobbi Hartmann for their testimony regarding this Bill

I am pleased to introduce the new MRF Assistant Representative, Anissa “Dragonfly” Huntington…she is involved with ABATE of Arizona and will be a great help in the never ending fight to keep our freedoms

The Motorcycle Day at the Dome was a success and I would like to thank everyone for their work on this event…we bought our lawmakers lunch…let them check out some nice bikes and politely remind them that motorcycle riders do VOTE

Ride Safe and Ride Free

Dale “Animal” Dedrick
Tinners MC
Lobbyist, A.C.M.C – Arizona Rep, M.R.F

May 1, 2017    AZ Motorcycle Riders Foundation