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Ok peeps, I’m back again with an awesome person who I don’t believe needs an introduction. I am sure you know who he is, and if you never met him you really are missing out on knowing one of the nicest guys in our community. He is at pretty much every rally or event. Of course I am talking about “Tiger Bob” AKA, Bob Molleman, from the Law Tigers, yes he is the guy in the Law Tigers display tent with the big smile and always there to answer any and all questions you might have…Bob you are on the spot!!

Describe yourself in three words:
Curious, Loyal, Cautious.

122_278_18aThree things you love:
My wife, our daughters and granddaughter, and any time we’re all together, which doesn’t happen often enough.

Three things you hate:
Liars, cheaters and self-promoting pretenders.

Why the motorcycle world?
It is, at its core, an awesome community of liked-minded, caring, ‘got your back’ individuals.

Bob MollemanWhat is your biggest regret?
No real regrets. Regrets are looking back and there is a lot of debris along that road, it’s complicated!! I’ve learned and grown from a host of mistakes and bad decisions, as well as awesome opportunities.

Who inspires you?
The young men and women who step up today and put it all on the line, in the various branches of the military, to protect the freedoms that generations of men and women sacrificed for us all to pursue our dreams.

What was your first bike?
At eleven years old, I shared a 1959 Cushman Eagle with a buddy. We tore it up, I wish I still had it!!

Bob the early yearsWhat is your all-time favorite bike?
Favorite bike…wow, so many to choose from, with 56 years in and out of the saddle. I have loved them all, but maybe the ’67 BSA was the most fun to scoot around on.

What is your greatest achievement?
I’m not sure I’ve achieved anything ‘great’, But as a young man, graduating the United States Marine Corps boot camp as Platoon Honor man. As an adult, being a fortunate enough partner with an amazing hard-working woman who is a dedicated wife and mother
and has put up with me for twenty-eight years and keeps me centered.

What does the future hold?
Who knows?? I’m trying to focus on one day at a time and that’s a challenge. I just pray that mornings keep coming to open more days of opportunity and fun.


Frank Zuccaro,
Staff Writer and Photographer

May 25, 2016    On The Spot