Happy New Year! Many of us were down at the Capitol opening day. There were a variety of people, making a large number of statements or protests. Of course the Marijuana issue was being tested. The House had a re-model and now has non-legislator/lobbyists having to go through a scanner. Will be interesting to say the least.

SB1082 is our bill to re-establish the Motorcycle Safety Fund and eliminate the council. Mick Degn, chairman of the Arizona Motorcycle Safety Foundation (AMSAF) will be testifying in favor of this bill, along with myself.

HB2046, Rep Friese’s Helmet Fee bill would require Arizona riders 18 yrs and older, to pay a fee (undisclosed amount) to go without a helmet or pay a $500 fine. Hopefully this little diddy will be squashed, by the motorcycle lobby team, prior to your reading this report.


The purpose of the Motorcycle Day at the Dome (MDATD) is to meet, have lunch and converse with your State Legislators. We will have a tri-fold available with talking points for you with your legislators.

This event is sponsored by ABATE and MMA of Arizona, the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC), VAMR(Billy Larson) and the MMAA. The date is Wednesday, February 15th from 10:00am – 2pm on the Capitol House lawn 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix AZ. Please mark your calendars. Everyone welcome.

A barricaded area is reserved for bike parking Only on 17th Ave between Washington and Jefferson, the full length of the Capitol grounds itself. All other vehicles will park in lots across from the Capitol with entrances off of Jefferson and Washington.

Your lobbyists cannot do this alone and we are asking for your help to make this another great year for our Legislation. We are asking that each of you invite as many people as you can to participate in this important event.

Please contact your Senator and 2 Reps and personally ask them to attend this event. Possibly set up a meeting with them on that day.
• To find your Legislative District go to –
• To find your 1 Senator and 2 Reps go to –

Be Aware of the recent changes at the Capitol. There is now security when entering the House. You will have to go through a scanner.

Please watch for our new website – For more information Contact Vic Grady 602-300-4115.

Bobbi Hartmann
MMA of AZ Legislative Researcher-Consultant, MAP
Coordinator, NCOM LTF Member

May 22, 2017    MMA News