With the New Year ahead of us it’s time to make sure our ride is ready for the road. A look at the basics can head off major problems later.

One of the first items to check is obviously our oil and filter. Even though you may not have the mileage yet, having not ridden your bike for prolonged periods would still necessitate an oil change. Your oil will still break down over time and condensation can also develop causing acids in the oil.

Check your tires, make sure the pressure is correct and there is no weather checking on the side walls. Also check for tread depth and make sure you have a least 3/32 of tread left, if not get them changed.
Inspect your drive belt for cracks, tears and punctures that could compromise power to your rear wheel, not to mention your safety while on the road.

How are those brake pads front and rear? We sometimes forget about them until it’s too late and we really need them.

Lighting is very important; do you have a turn signal not working? Is your brake light operating or is there a bulb burnt out or a brake light switch bad? Having all your lights working, properly is important for you and the other drivers on the road who sometimes claim to have the “I didn’t see you syndrome”.

So in conclusion the moral of this story is make sure you and your bike are ready for the riding season. Daylight will be longer, temperatures will be warming up and your friends will be out there with you.

Stop by the New Superstition Harley-Davidson® and have a FREE multi-point inspection performed to ensure your safety

Keep the rubber side down and a smile on your face!

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April 18, 2016    Motorcycle Tech Tips