Welcome cool riding weather!  It seems like we’ve been waiting for this for  a real long time, yup we have.

We, in the magazine, have written at one time or another about summerizing your bike and now winterizing your bike.  We’ve talked about hydration and clothing and now with  El Nino in our midst we could talk about rain gear but I think that’s kind of a given.  Seems it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything about wearing gloves.

Whether its winter or summer I believe gloves are a necessity.  I know what you’re thinking, in summer it’s too hot for gloves  but now that it’s winter, I get your drift.  Well you should get my drift in summer too.

Just as you should wear boots and not flip flops.  You should wear gloves more than not. Whether the gloves are nose pickers or full fingers, they need to be worn and here is why.

Being on two wheels makes us susceptible to falling over.  That falling over could be from forgetting to put your feet down at a stop light to be knocked down by another vehicle to your feet slipping out from under you when backing your bike to riding at 40mph and losing control.  What’s the first thing you are going to do after letting go of the handle bars?  Catching yourself with your hands before you hit the ground, right?  What happens if any of these scenarios occur and you don’t have gloves on?  Your hands get thrashed and what happens when your hands get thrashed?  Who’s gonna  wipe your butt then?

Have fun, ride safe.

Jane Hudson
Freelance Photography & Writer

May 29, 2016    Riding With Jane