Pictures of DogsAs many of you know, we have 2 shop dogs that are the official greeters and will quickly lead you to the treat bowl for their just reward. Then you will be released to conduct your official business.

Communication is key in any relationship and dogs make great efforts to communicate. To interpret their nonverbal cues (facial expressions, ear set, tail position, hair, posture) it is important to look at the entire context.

  • Barking – Dogs have a complex vocalization system that goes paw-in-paw with their body language. Generally, high-pitched barks indicate excitement or need, while a lower pitch suggests aggression.
  • Tail wagging-A slow moving tail is a content dog and if really fast he’s really happy to see you. A stiff tail usually signals aggression.
  • Raised hair – If the hair that runs along the spine stands up it usually indicates extra alertness.
  • Eye contact – Dogs usually avert their eyes when approaching other dogs to let them know they aren’t a threat. A hard stare often indicates they’re ready to rumble.
  • Lip position – A dog that is in a good mood will usually have his mouth slightly open in a relaxed manner. If the teeth are bared and the sides of the mouth are pulled back tightly, stay away as it is a sign of aggression.
  • Play position – When the dog’s front end is on the ground and the back end is up in the air, it is an invitation to play. Except if the dog whose body is coiled with his weight shifted forward and the tail is straight up over the back or quivering; he’s most likely angry.
  • Trembling – May signal anxiety, perhaps in a loud thunderstorm, or it can signal that he’s excited to have someone to play with. Sometimes the answer is the easiest and most obvious that he’s chilly and needs to warm up.
  • Love them like family and remember as you’re constantly sweeping up dog hair, it is not shedding but the release of magical fibers of joy and love!

See you on the highways and byways!

Denise Cook
Desert Custom Cycles and Clothing

May 21, 2017    How Denise Feels