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It is that time of year again if you are not riding in the early morning or evening please make sure you stay hydrated. And cover up. They have some great products out there that can keep you cool as you ride. Go out and get yourself a cooling towel and wrap it around your neck as you ride and remember to drink plenty of water. We all like to have the cocktails however they dehydrate you.

It is a great time of year to go up to the northern part of our state where it is cooler and enjoy the many events they have.

This year we have seen another increase in Motorcycle Accidents and fatalities. It is up to us to try and educate the public. May is motorcycle awareness month across the USA. Come on out and help support many of the events that will be going around our state. Here at the MMA the money we raise is to help our lobbyist to go to the capital and work on things that are important to us. Last year the lobbyist worked on the Handlebar height. We also work with the local cities to get Street Signs up that say LOOK OUT for MOTORCYCLES. The cost per sign is about $85.00 per sign. If you know of a city that you would like to see some signs and have a contact there please let us know. We all need to work together to protect our Rights and Safety. I have been living in Casa Grande for the past 2 years and have been trying to get some signs up here. It is a work in progress.

Look TwiceThis is why membership is so important to us. For $20 dollars a year we will work to promote safety and awareness around the state. Our lobbyist will work at the state capital for your rights. You will also get $4000 dollar accidental death insurance.

Until next time. Ride Safe and remember Watch out when you are riding as we know most cages do not Watch for Us.

Cindy Gates
MMA of Arizona Board Member, State Activities MMA of AZ/Board Member,
Leather District Manager, and State Activity Officer

May 25, 2016    MMA News