Arlene HayesA SHOT FROM AK

It’s amazing to me how the time is just flying by. To me it seems it was just a little bit ago that summer was starting with all of that “wonderful” scorching heat, BBQ’s, pool parties, and for me, hibernation from the heat!!

Now we are heading into, not only our prime riding season, but the holidays will be here before we know it.

Biker Information Guide has such an amazing variety of sponsors, vendors, local talent for almost anything you are looking for. It’s almost a one stop shop for the right place to get that perfect new piece of bling for your bike. Or maybe you are looking for a nice gift for the host of the party you are attending. And what better place to look for a supplier to get that someone on your Christmas list that perfect piece of biker jewelry!

Something to remember as well….there are so many in our community, we come from all walks of life, all different professions. A lot of us are doing a little something on the side to make that extra cash so we can get that perfect biker gift, and face it, sometimes just get by.

So if you aren’t finding the right supplier right here in these pages, put the word out. Talk to people, find out who in our community can help you out. Ask for referrals…..the more we support each other, the more our wonderful biker community/family will continue to thrive.

As always……lots and lots of crazies out there, keep your eyes open, and the rubber side down. Tell your friends and family you love them, and support this big, crazy family of bikers!

Arlene Hayes “AK”
American Legion Post 2 – American Legion Riders, Post 2

May 14, 2017    A Shot From AK