Welcome to 2017! In my last article I wrote about all the “fun” colors you could put in you hair and how to do it. Now that the holidays are over,you may want to go back to your normal color. Well, it could be a long and painful task. I went for red highlights on my natural white hair. It usually washes out in 3 days to 1 week, I’m still trying to get it out and it’s the middle of January. I used a Joico product which is a very good product if you want your color to last longer than a couple weeks. If you have a fun color and you are ready to get it removed it may be a bit challenging . First of all, is your hair colored? Or is it natural? Colored hair is easy to fix. You can try baking soda with shampoo and let it stay on your hair till the end of your shower. If you do this, please be sure that you use a conditioner afterwards as this is very drying to your hair. If this doesn’t work you can go a little stronger with a soap cap.  This is shampoo, bleach and peroxide. I would recommend you see your Stylist for help with that, because if you don’t watch it, it can turn ugly, fast. If your hair is dark you can just color over it. With me, my hair is natural and I didn’t want any chemicals on it. I have tried the baking soda and shampoo, it didn’t budge. Then I used a product called Vanish. It doesn’t alter your natural hair color. It has no ammonia, bleach or peroxide. The first time I used it, it turned the red to a pretty purple. I lived with it for awhile. Then I  just wanted it back to normal. I’m on my third try and there is only a trace of color left. There are a lot of color remover products on the market. I would suggest you see your Stylist and have her/him help you. If you don’t have a regular Stylist then please read the ingredients and be very careful. Always follow the directions. Or give me a call.


February 1, 2017    Hair Tips