Jim & Joni Baginski


Greetings from the American Legion Family of Post 138! Well I’ve got to say that there has been some GOOD change, at the Phoenix VAMC! They’ve actually done something magical in the pharmacy! I say magical only because there was only a 5 minute wait time (Seriously!) and there were people moving in and out of there like it should be. I even saw smiles on people’s faces! Come to think of it, no one was napping either! (Yep, in the pharmacy!). I’m not sure but I think there must be only one ophthalmologist at the Phoenix VAMC, and he/she must be very, very busy because the standard wait time has always been in months not weeks. So imagine my surprise when my husband got a call from Veterans Choice and they had him set up at a local eye doctor right down the street! And if that wasn’t enough, a surgery that was scheduled for February (since December) has been moved up to an earlier date! I know, Right? I have to say, maybe there is hope after all that Veterans can get good medical care in a reasonable amount of time ! I know there are still areas at a lot of the VAMC’s that can still use improvement but, three drastic changes that affected the same person(s), I dare say it was a little reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode. Hooray to the changes thus far at the Phoenix VAMC! Please don’t make me take back my words! All of you Riders here for Bike Week please listen up! Please be Careful out there! Have a GREAT time here in the Valley of the Sun! Please stay alert & ride safe!

In loving memory of Kimmy Chapman (2011) and Dade “Tader” Sisneros (2014)

The world isn’t the same without you! We miss you both!

Jim “Bags” & Joni “Princess” Baginski
American Legion Riders & Members of the Patriot Guard
American Legion Post 138 • 107 East Broadway, Tempe, AZ 85282 • 480-966-3288

May 6, 2016    American Legion Riders & Vets