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Great riding weather is here! Time to get out and enjoy Arizona during our winter season. Our temps in the valley are beautiful this time of year however don’t be caught out late night or in the higher country without some warmer gear. Sometime the best laid plans end up on the side of the road after dark. Since it get dark earlier in the evenings now it is good to carry a few extra items if you can. Leathers, gloves and flash lights become important if you get stuck in the dark. If you have any extra space a fold down road reflector or a road flare could come in handy on that dark desert highway as well. If you really like being prepared there are a few compact battery jumpers on the market these days that are worth carrying. They work off a lithium battery and are not much bigger the than a smartphone. You can use it to jump your battery on the bike and most have a built in flashlight and a USB port to charge your cell phone. One is the Versa power by Matco and there are other good ones like this out there as well.

Over time we have had many people that have not had good cell service in the areas they broke down in. Some people have spent hours flagging someone down and after making that call do not have any way to be reached or to check in. I myself am electronically challenged at times but have learned that most cell phones are still capable of texting in bad cell areas and if you have nothing on your 4g you can go into your settings and change your setting to “ROAMING” taking you back to 3g. It might cost you a little extra… but you can use your phone to get help. Just saying… it works better than smoke signals… lol

So get out and enjoy the ride to where ever in this beautiful State you decide to go!

Ride Safe and Ride Often!

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November 27, 2016    Towing Tips