Research shows that good deeds, no matter how small, increases a sense of well-being. Benefits range from lowered feelings of depression to increased self-esteem and a strengthened immune system.

An increased “other” focus, a connection to something larger than the self, is related to a healthy profile of immune function. Sounds like a pretty easy way to be healthier! Weave kindness into everyday life. Something as easy as holding the door for a stranger has shown to have positive benefits.

101_277_10aSurround yourself only with people who fill you up. Get rid of toxic ones. Don’t sweat the small stuff—90% of what you worry about won’t happen. Don’t hide your strengths—let your light shine! As I like to say, “I have a reputation, a good one!” Come see me for all your sewing needs.

Wind therapy on the open road helps us relax and de-stress.

See you on the highways and byways!

Denise Cook
Desert Custom Cycles and Clothing

May 6, 2016    How Denise Feels