Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas season and are ready for a new year. Because ready or not here it comes. At least we don’t have to listen to all that election stuff for another 4 more years.

We can start gearing up for some of our annual events. Putting them on the calendar and for some of us making sure we plan for the days we will be apart of the event.
The thing we should never take for granted is thinking that our lives will just go on for another year. We should know by now that life can change in an instant. Our health can change, our jobs can change, and our relationships can change.

Some of these changes can be quite devastating. There is a quote that sums it up for me. “I don’t know what my future holds but I know Who holds my future.” You see as a Christian I turned my life over to God when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and my Savior.
So not only did Jesus save me, but He is the Lord over my life. This has been a really good thing for me because before I was a Christian I was doing things the way I thought was right or good for me and things didn’t always work so well.

So now I can pray for guidance, and if I get tempted to do things my way, and it doesn’t work out, I can pray for help. The thing is God listen because I am His. Best decision I ever made.

Till we meet ride safe and God bless you.


Pastor Cliff, C.M.A.
Christian Motorcycle Association
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February 1, 2017    Motorcycle Ministries