Charity StuartNCOM REPORT

Once upon a time there was a land without internet or cell phones, where you had to travel to meet anyone. A land in the West where the old school biker could have a good ride and meet some of the most genuine people. My definition of old school biker is: one who lives a life with his/her motorcycle, more than a hobby, time spent fixing and making more of the motorcycle he/she rides, riding the tires off and pushing the motor to its limits. The short definition would be a person who can be described by looking and the motorcycle he rides.

Steve MusgraveIf a motorcycle could grow a beard… “Old school biker” This is the word I would use to describe Steve “Muskrat” Musgrave.

Not only did Muskrat love his motorcycle and his lifestyle but he loved those who shared his passions. He worked hard and was unwavering in the biker community as a member of ABATE, ACMC, Brothers of the Wheel, Desert Thunder M/C, MMA and Hooligans M/C. He was so driven to fight for the freedoms of others that he had a day job working for Aid to Injured Motorcycles. He sacrificed so much of himself in all the time he spent that this, became who he was. Any time you saw him, he welcomed you with a hug and pleasant conversation.  The wisdom he shared from his vast array of experiences always made me feel as though I was living it alongside him. He inspired others to become passionate in this lifestyle and will leave a void hard to fill.

I saw this man as the taffy in our community, no matter where he went it seemed like good people stuck to him. That flavor that cannot be recreated and I will sorely miss.

I love you dearly and am happy to know you are now riding free!

By Charity Stewart

May 29, 2016    NCOM Report