From my point of view, God gives us the fall season to ride in the cool and the colors He provided. Then comes the winter with cold to stay at home with the warmth of the Christmas season to reflect on the birth of Jesus. After that is spring, warm again seeing all the new growth and the beauty of the trees and flowers. It’s a celebration of life because of the birth of Jesus. Then comes summer hot as Hell to remind us of what is en-store for those who don’t believe. Thanksgiving is celebrated in many ways; some have the traditional family gathering with the full table thing, which by the way is my favorite, some go out to eat, some BBQ. Some just watch football and relax.

The only ones I know that doesn’t enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years eve, are people who have loved ones in another country or a war zone. We need to remember all those who are in the military, keep our country FREE, so we can enjoy the holidays.

Also there are a lot of people, men, women and kids that are doing without so take time to do toy rides food drives, and especially helping the homeless vets. Till we meet God bless and be safe!

Pastor Cliff, C.M.A.
Christian Motorcycle Association
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November 1, 2016    Motorcycle Ministries