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Hello AZBIG readers, I will be writing the column for the AZCMC from here on. Recently I have been working with David Deveroux of the Motorcycle Profiling Project on numerous projects. One is our upcoming legislative session. We plan to present an anti-profiling bill geared toward bikers. Recently we collaborated on an article about the Winslow police action involving a motorcycle club event. You can read it here:

We plan to use the pictures to push our bill.

There is also a desire in the biker community to pass a lane sharing bill. AZCMC, ABATE, MMA, and MMAA are cooperating on changing legislation that is related to motorcycles and hope to make the practice legal in Arizona.

The legislative session in 2016 opens on Monday, January 11. I am asking to get as many bikers down there as possible. This year may be our biggest legislative effort in many years. Anyone who is able to should be there at about ten am. I would love to see at least a hundred bikers at the capitol. We need to show the legislature that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Right now law enforcement all over the country is using the massacre in Waco to justify bloated budgets and militarization in conjunction with special enforcement actions at biker events. The benefit to them is increased pay, overtime, double time, and padded pensions. There is no benefit to bikers. They do not keep us safe. We keep ourselves safe. Police go to legislators with tales of horrific acts perpetrated by bikers to deflect the accusations of ineffective police work. The truth is that actual law enforcement is boring work. It involves investigating and research. Setting special enforcement actions with high dollar equipment and harassing bikers is much more fun to them. Although it leaves the average citizen without recourse to actual criminal activity. Crime clearance rates, the number of cases closed whether by conviction or simply giving up, are miserable. Property crimes are in the five to ten percent range. Reported rapes are less than twenty-five percent. Single homicides are less than fifty percent.

We also have a date for Motorcycle Day At The Dome. April 18,2016. If the session ends before then we will make it an afternoon event so that people can get off of work and come down, It will be like the old Freedom Rallies that used to happen.

That is all for now. Keep safe out there.

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November 27, 2016    ACMC News