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Below is some crucial information regarding the Motorcycle Safety Fund, which contains $1 of our motorcycle registration. It is also a fund
that has to be reviewed each year, by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC). There has been much concern as to how much money we currently have in the fund, our yearly Appropriations, and how much monies the state has been taking from our fund each year.

I recently spent some time, with 2 members of the JLBC. I am providing instructions that will allow you yourselves, to keep on top of this
fund, each year. You can contact me direct for a WORD document of this process.

  • Go to
  • Click on the JLBC button
  • Select Budget Updates (top Left)
  • Scroll to 2015 Regular Session section
  • Find Baseline Book (1/16/15) section
  • Click on Individual Links
  • Go to Table of Contents
  • Click on Individual Ageny Index (See next Page)
  • Open Public Safety, Department of
  • Scroll down to Page 342
  • Note: Motorcycle Safety Funds (top of page)

This shows ANY and ALL monies taken from the Motorcycle Safety Fund, from the year after its creation in 2002, up through this last Fiscal
Year. The only monies ever taken from this fund inthe 13 years of its existence, was during the 3 year fiscal crisis (2010, 2011, 2012). In
2010 theytook $100,000 – In 2011 they took $50,000 – In 2012 they took $31,900 – for a GRAND TOTALof $181,900, which shows up at the far right.

They do not intend to take any monies from our fund this year. Any questions please contact me anytime.

Bobbi Hartmann
MMA of AZ Legislative Researcher-Consultant, MAP
Coordinator, NCOM LTF Member

May 6, 2016    MMA News