Riding on two wheels is a rewarding adventure. There are those times however when a rest stop is viewed with great anticipation. A chance to get off the iron horse, stretch the legs and work out the kinks from a great ride.

115_277_74eIf you find yourself traveling west past Buckeye and Winterhaven you might consider a stop at El Dorado Hot Springs … http://el-dorado.com/ … A laid back, funky 6 acre oasis literally in the middle of no where. Located 50 miles west of the center of Phoenix south of I-10 at exit 94 on Indian School Rd., it’s great place to rest and get the kinks out. Surrounded by a tall thicket of banboo, it’s a place where nature has decided to allow a constant stream of naturally heated, mineral rich waters to bubble up from the earth. I’m not referring to the type of mineral bath you get at your local spa or back yard hot tub. Here you can commune with nature to what ever degree you want as in “All or nothing – OK, maybe something”. There is a common bath area where everyone is welcome and then there are private areas available for the more discreet amongst you (I have yet to meet a “discreet biker.”) They are open from 9:00 am to 11:59 pm everyday of the week. There are also camping sites available where you can rough
it in a tent or – who the heck rides a scoot towing an rv? On my visit there, the staff was very helpful and attentive yet allowed me my freedom to wander around as long as I didn’t go in to the private areas or take pictures of people. Check it out. You just might enjoy it. I know I did and I’m discreet … LOL

Ride safe – Ride often – Have fun – Share your life with others.

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May 7, 2016    Along The Way