Arlene HayesA SHOT FROM AK

I hope everyone has had a safe and cool summer in their pools and the BBQ’s! I for one didn’t spend a lot of time riding, but I did take the time to customize my bike for the upcoming riding season!

110_276_68aEveryone take so much time picking out the perfect bike, the right style, the right color, the right everything for you. Then, once you get it, you start the wonderful, and a little daunting process of truly customizing just for you!

110_276_68bAlways look at the big picture when starting the process…..paint, handlebars, cables, seat, saddlebags, etc. Get your whole look together and then go for it!!
I had my bike a couple years before I started, but all the while knowing things were going to change, the first thing being the color. I had my thoughts, but really didn’t think it would be as difficult as it turned out to be! I looked, and stalked, and investigated other bikes…..shops, and on line paint colors and so much more. I knew there were so many awesome vendors that advertise here in BIG, as well as all of the other out there to choose from.

110_276_68cOnce I decided on the color scheme, for the 100th different time….it was choosing who to have do the work for me. Again, so many things to consider. Being a lady rider, making sure they were willing to tear down and re assemble for the price quoted. I’m good with some puttering around on my bike, but getting thru that whole process myself was a bit much. Always make sure you check out their work before handing over that permission slip and deposit…this is your baby!

I’ll be out and about these coming months showing off MY new paint! Next round, custom seat and stainless cables!!

Safe riding and the best for the upcoming holiday season to all!

Arlene Hayes “AK”
American Legion Post 2 – American Legion Riders, Post 2

November 29, 2016    A Shot From AK