Trike Owners “Raked Triple Tree’s and Front Fork upgrades.”
With the addition of a Trike conversion to any bike. The difficulty steering threw higher speed curves with ease. becomes quite difficult. Compounding rider fatigue, particularly in smaller framed women and men.

The stock “TRAIL” is the reason. The Trail is literally the lever arm between the tire contact and the Bike steering center line.

The steering centerline is the point where the tire meets the asphalt in front of the bike.

The longer the lever arm is, the more the wheel resists being steered out of its forward path or (TRACK). Larger, heavy trikes will need longer TRAIL distance for stability and EZ. This is where the term EZ STEER comes from. In simple terms. Creating a smaller patch and uses the handlebars as leverage to make steering threw curves much easier.
The “RAKED TRIPLE TREE” reduces the trail measurements by moving the contact patch of the tire forward. The results are remarkable. The effort to steer may be reduced as much as half for people with a shorter reach.

HHI aka Hawg Halters Inc. Have the best product available for many bike applications. The 7, 9 and 12 degrees are recommended for the H.D. Series. This include the Tri-Glides. The 7 degree is recommended for short wheel based trikes. A 9 is the industry standard. And 12 is reserved for larger front wheels and stretched out trikes.

For the Honda GL 1800 and the Honda GL 1500 the 4 or 6 degree is the industry standard.
The “Raked Triple Trees “are reserved for three wheeled bikes or side cars and are never recommended for two wheel bikes.

The second part of the improvement is the upgrade of Progressive heavy duty front fork springs. After a short time, the addition of the weight of the trike, while slowing and stopping will wear out all stock spring’s and “Bottoming Out” will start happing. Along with improved springs, heavier duty fork oil and new seals are suggested.

With the instillation of “Raked Tipple Trees” from Hawg Halters and the heavy duty Progressive springs. The feeling of effortless steering threw curves and corners will make your ride much more enjoyable. We promise, at the end of the day. You won’t get the feeling of being a steel horse cowboy, steer wrestle. That was a total pun.

Call Southwest Trikes for an appointment. Mention you heard about us threw AZ Biker info and receive a 10% discount. AS always we also extend a generous discount to our Military and First responders.

God bless and protect our troops.

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May 22, 2017    Feature Product