RamJetHave you been to Ramjet Racing lately? Don’t look for them in the old strip mall. Ride a little farther south, just past Cactus, look to the East for the large gray building, yep that’s the NEW Ramjet Racing.

After 18 years at the old address, expanding into one store after another, this layout became antiquated, difficult to manage and quite frankly, outlived its efficiency.

Have you ever just kept plodding along because change is hard on everyone and moving is an absolute nightmare we hate to go through? Well Tony, his Dad, Ron and the crew were finally at the point where this was emanate to move forward and provide the customers with a better experience.

This 13000 plus square foot building had fresh paint, L.E.D. lighting, windows into the Service Department, great displays for most of the popular part manufacturers. The store is more organized, bigger isles, much more to choose from and lots of counter space.

It’ almost as if they have Re-Branded the old store, the feel of the store, the new look, and the large parking lot is a very refreshing up grade.

As I spoke with Tony, I could tell that he was excited to share some of the future changes that will be added down the road in the not too distant future.

He was eager to share that the industry is going through another change and that with the added space and the beautiful facility they will be ready for the future. As always moving and change is never easy, especially when you have been rooted in the same building for 18 years. As Tony put it, “It’s amazing what you find when you move” I agreed. As I walked through the store I was amazed just how much they had completed and the changes that have already been made.

I urge you to visit this awesome new store and let them know what you think.

One more thing, if you read this to the end, let them know and they will reward you with a generous 15% discount on your next purchase.

May 1, 2017    Feature Advertiser