Arlene HayesA SHOT FROM AK

Last time around you got to hear all about starting my customization journey on my bike. Since nothing is happening right now, I’ll check in with a different, more serious subject.

As riders we are constantly hearing about someone going down on their bike. My question to you….have you been in that situation, have you watched someone go down on their bike? Bigger question…did YOU know what to do?

Unfortunately I have been in that situation, more time than I care to think about. I’ve been there when everything had an ultimate good outcome, and when it was the ultimate bad outcome. I know what measures I have taken, but are they necessarily the correct actions?

Prevent Further Injury
Make sure no one else is injured or worse while trying to help the fallen biker-one person in control of the scene to assign duties to call 911, block traffic, help the victim; etc.

Assess the situation
How many vehicles, number of victims & types of injuries if known

Contact the EMS ASAP!
Early access to get appropriate level of help; send someone to the turn off if you are not on a main road to assist Emergency personnel to the scene. Everyone should have an ICE Contact in their phone (In Case of Emergency- emergency contact).

Treat Life Sustaining Injuries
Carry a first aid kit with gloves and airway mask at minimum.

Unsure of what to do… nothing, you may cause more harm than good. You need to protect the rider, protect yourself….and unfortunately, let’s not forget legalities. Check Good Samaritan Laws.

There are great training classes for accident management that teach you the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts. Great class and contact –-Accident Scene Management; Bystander Assistance Training – Teresa “Trauma Mama” McCelland RN.

Please take some time to educate and be prepared to help…you would want that if it was you down!

Arlene Hayes “AK47”
American Legion Post 2 – American Legion Riders, Post 2

May 7, 2016    A Shot From AK