As the weather cools, many of us are eager to get back on our scoots and head out on a nice ride. One of the favorite rides is out the 60 through Superior/Globe with a turn to Roosevelt Lake returning via the Bee Line highway. Next time you take that ride might I suggest a little detour. After you pass through the twisties of Queen Creek Canyon and the Top of The World, you come around a corner into Miami. Upon entering this small sleepy little town, take the second left, North Plaza Circle. Then take the first right onto W. Sullivan St. Here is a bucolic main street of a once thriving mining community lined with very old houses. Many of those on the left are perched precariously on the mountain side. While the town is but a distant memory of it’s once bustling self, there are glimmers of the spirit of humanity mixed in where visonarys are bringing back the old houses and buildings. A left on N. Cordova a right on W. Gibson and right on the corner is a beautiful old church that has been re-purposed into a family residence. At the end of W. Gibson make a right on N. Miami. On the left, a close look at the facade of the 2 story building reveals “Young Men’s Christian Association.” Going over the bridge on N. Miami back to route 60, be amazed at the quick curvature of the bridge. If you stop at the apex and look to your right, you will see 4 other like bridges that traverse the some time wash. Like antiques? Stop in the town and take a walking tour. Want more history? Stop in at the Globe Miami Historical Museum in Globe. That’s a story for another time.
Ride safe – Ride often – Have fun – Share your life with others.

Mike Mazor
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May 14, 2017    Along The Way