In a blink of an eye, Christmas, (that we struggled to make perfect) will soon come to an end. So I hope I can give you some ideas for a few stocking stuffers. If the person on your list has long hair, a wet brush is always a favorite.  This brush comes in many colors and even in a mini purse size. They can also be used on dry hair, and work great to freshen up when you get off the bike. You can find them on or at Sally Beauty Supply. Another great gift and always used, are hair ties. They also come in a variety of sizes, colors and many textures. These can be purchased at some of our advertisers. Moroccan Oil is my favorite for many types of hair. It is a leave in treatment that allows you to easily brush through your hair after getting off the bike. You can apply it on wet or dry hair. And it smells amazing. I like to give travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and 1 oz. bottles of Moroccan oil with a mini wet brush. And you can ask your favorite Stylist for any recommendations. At this time of year many Stylist carry gift size products. If you’re still in a quandary as what to get, go to your friendly Harley dealerships also found in this issue. They carry many styles and colors of bandanas and assorted hair wraps, and dew rags. For those with short hair I recommend short sexy hair products. This comes in many forms depending on three look you want to achieve. I personally use a little bit of Frenzy. It has a great movable hold. I get off the bike, finger my hair in place and I’d stays. The next time I write to you it will be for Valentine’s day. Wow, where has the time gone! I wish all of you the best Christmas and an even better New Year!


May 14, 2017    Hair Tips