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Breaking down this time of year is never good. We always preach about taking water but during an Arizona summer this is the most important time to follow through with that! Dehydration is dangerous. Shade is another issue. I have picked up a lot of people that have broken down in places that do not have a lick of shade anywhere in site. The sun is relentless and that is not a fun wait for the tow truck or a friend to show up. I had a call a couple summers back from a lady rider that was stuck in one of those places without a tree or anything in site. As I pulled up on her she was sitting there in her own man made shade… she had an umbrella. I chuckled at the idea at first however she had shade and water. All of the other people I have picked up from no shade areas I generally offer to take to urgent care on the way to the shop. So maybe an umbrella in your bag would be a good idea. Okay if that is too much for you then maybe a ball cap or a hat with a brim.

UmbrellaTop reasons you may need to call a tow truck in the summer are: Flat Tire, Broken Cable & Battery. So with that being said check your valve stems, tread and tire pressure and if you are on the edge with any of that just change it. Batteries are generally good for two years here in Arizona and lubing your clutch and throttle cables is something a lot of people overlook until one snaps.

So stay safe out there and prepare for the heat, sunscreen, water, water, water, water, hat, water, water, water. Ride safe and ride often!!

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May 25, 2016    Towing Tips