No, it’s not the little blue pill – it’s a yellow pill, and it turns your whole body on! The clock keeps ticking and we tend to abuse our bodies; sun, wind, smoking, drinking, disease and stress! It ages us, and causes disease. You can slow that damage down. This product has the ability to turn the clock back to when it could fight off damage and repair itself quicker. It also decreases inflammation and fibrosis.

• sleep through the night
• clear brain fog
• reduce aches and pains
• recover quicker after workouts (and drinking)
• have enough energy to get through your day

It’s all natural, one pill a day, no drug interactions, and reduces oxidative stress by 40-70%, which is the root cause of most diseases and discomfort. It activates Nrf2 in each cell, skin , heart, brain cells etc,. It was featured on ABC Primetime 10 years ago, researchers have studied it since with proven results for heart disease, skin cancer, MD, MS, ALS, and more. It’s not sold in stores any longer because labels can’t explain all that it is and can do.
LifeVantageLet me direct you to some info specific to your needs. I’m not into trying to sell you, push or convince you of anything, just want to educate you so you can decide if it’s something that could help you or your loved ones.
I have friends taking it for conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, arthritis, ADD, Autism, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, diabetes, balance, warts, skin cancer, and to just feel, think, sleep and perform their best

This is not the miracle – your body is – turn it on

Nrf2 – the most advanced anti-aging – turns your body on to make survival genes and reduce inflammation and fibrosis.


Soo Zembala

November 27, 2016    Feature Product