Part of the price you pay for a new motorcycle is set aside by the manufacturer for factory covered warranty repairs. In effect, you paid for any needed repairs when you bought your new bike! Time and again, we see customers at our shop who were unaware of an existing issue that would have been covered before their warranty expired. Too late is too late!

The first thing you should know is the exact date your coverage expires. With your VIN number in hand, a visit or simple phone call to Superstition Harley-Davidson’s service department will get you that information! Should you find that you are near the end of your coverage, make an appointment for your next service and request that a thorough inspection of your bike be performed to identify any repairs before the expiration date!

If you did not purchase extended ESP coverage with your new bike, you can save yourself some cash by purchasing ESP coverage while your bike is still under factory warranty. You may have the option to extend your coverage another five years if you act before the factory warranty expires.

Not to worry, you can still purchase extended ESP coverage through Superstition Harley-Davidson® if your factory warranty has expired. The dealership will perform a comprehensive inspection of the bike and all noted repairs must be completed before coverage can be purchased.

As an example, a simple leaky $5 seal on the shifter shaft can quickly turn into a $450 repair, the same with a stator that leaks or quits charging. Don’t forget that Arizona is also famous for road debris that damages tires and wheels. Harley-Davidson extended ESP service plans cover these losses as well!

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May 25, 2016    Motorcycle Tech Tips