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Well … I would say welcome to riding season but it is always riding season in Arizona! Now that we are recovering from the Holiday’s it is time to get ready for the biggest event season we have. The best thing you can do to keep your bike running its best it RIDE IT! However if you haven’t been riding your bike and just getting her out be sure to check out all the important points. Tire depth, valve stems, oil, primary fluid, tranny fluid and tire pressure. Before you take her out you will want to clean her up a bit and one of the benefits to wiping your bike down is being able to notice anything that appears to be loose or out of the norm.

Always having a cell phone and a charger is a big bonus. It is amazing how fast you lose that charge while you are out riding. They have solar cell phone chargers out there for anywhere from $20 – $100 and you can charge your cell phone even if your bike dies… we always have sun. Last but never least, don’t forget about yourself. Water is one of the most important things we all need to carry. As the next few months go by we will all need to hydrate. Just saying. Sunscreen and a jacket just in case because our weather can change quickly after sundown.

119_277_52aTo all the new riders out there we have a lot of “Rides” coming up and be safe and take a class to help you with the skills you need. It is a lot cheaper than having to call for a tow truck and fixing your bike and sometimes you. There are classes all over the valley and they are affordable and a great thing to have under your belt.

Most importantly get out there and ride!! There are so many places to see in this State!

Ride Safe and Ride Often

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May 6, 2016    Towing Tips