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Hello friends, welcome to 2016. We are in an election year. We will elect a new president, the entire U.S. House of Representatives, one third of the U.S. Senate, every legislator in Arizona, and many officials of our many counties. One thing they all have in common- they all need votes. Money will help a great deal, but the bottom line is who gets more ballots with their names marked. That is where
we can exercise power. There are more than 183,000 registered motorcycles in Arizona. Admittedly, many of them are really ATVs, and some of us own more than one. But we, the motorcycle community, are the single largest interest group in the state. If we could find a way to harness our power, we could push our legislature in the direction of our choosing. On opening day at the legislature about fifty or so bikers showed up to the capitol. This crowd attracted reporters and news cameras.

Right now, we are trying to convince Senator Steve Smith to guarantee a hearing in the Public Safety Committee for our biker anti-profiling bill. Senator Judy Burges will sponsor the bill but wants to make sure it gets heard before she drops it. Senator Smith has agreed to hold a hearing provided that Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training does not incur extra costs to edit their training
curriculum. This is a problem that was introduced in a bill from California. The bill was amended to direct any added costs be paid from the general fund. The Motorcycle Profiling Project, headed by David Devereaux, is working with many motorcycle rights organizations in various states in an effort to end biker profiling nationwide. Just as we are networking, so is law enforcement. I believe they
are attempting to put language in bills where states seem likely to pass favorable legislation for us. In Arizona, adding a funding demand will kill the effort. In California, the bill was amended to the point where its death was merciful. We are working to prove that extra funds are not necessary. AZPOST updates its training regularly and they produce videos to supplement training for the various
LE agencies. We are on the case. We’ll see how it goes. Be safe out there, my next article will probably have the results.

ACMC LogoThe Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, Inc continues to work in conjunction with like minded organizations and programs to further the fight for our rights, freedoms and liberties. Please take the time and read about this program that is making a difference for our Motorcycle Community.

Johnny D ALMA MC
Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs Designated Lobbyist
American Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education / Phoenix-Shadow Mountain PAC Officer

May 6, 2016    ACMC News