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I had the opportunity this summer to attend ACCIDENT SCENE MANAGEMENT CLASS. The class was to teach you on what to do if you come up on a motorcycle accident. This course is taught by the Road Guardians.

They use the word PACT, Prevent further injury, Assess the situation, Contact EMS and Treat the injured with life sustaining care.. In this course they will teach you how to secure the scene by controlling traffic. How to move the injured if you need to and to treat the injured until EMS arrives. It will also show you what to do If no one is with you and you need to get help and have no way of calling like we do in some parts of our state. If the injured is not breathing it will show you several options on what to do including removing the helmet if one is wearing one.

I found this course to be informative. I have been riding and have watched somebody go down right in front of me. I wish I would have been able to assist more.

They do quite a few courses a year I am looking forward to going to the advance course!

If you have any interest in taking this course you can contact them directly and they can give you a list of dates and cost.

As a member of the MMA I like to keep up on safety issues. For $20 a year you can join our organization and know that your membership goes to promoting motorcycle safltey and awareness in our area. It helps get street signs up that say Look out for Motorcycles. It will give you $3500 in accidental death life insurance.

So now that is is the best time of year to ride in our wonderful state. Watch out for those snowbirds and anyone else on the road that do not watch out for us.

Cindy Gates
MMA of Arizona Board Member, State Activities MMA of AZ/Board Member,
Leather District Manager, and State Activity Officer

November 27, 2016    MMA News