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Wow!! we are already in 2016! I say this every year where did the time go.

I love this time of year in Arizona a little cold in the morning but great riding weather,before you know it the heat will be upon us. We are gearing up for Bike week and with that we still have some snowbirds here. My town goes from 30,000 to 80,000 this time of year. They are great for our economy and I can tell you they think they own the road. So please watch out for them since they do not watch out for you.The warmer weather is upon us as well so stay hydrated while you are riding and cover up.

I know I talk about this all the time, however this past year their has been so many Motorcycle accidents. Here at the MMA we try to help the public learn more about MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS. But we need your help. We need members to help us grow stronger. Every dollar helps to put up STREET SIGNS. You do not have to volunteer just join. For your $20.00 a year membership we will work on on promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. You can come to a meeting and find out what your MRO lobbyist is doing to help with this. You will also receive $3500 in accidental life insurance.

109_277_34aPlus we do some great events. Like our annual Beach Party at the Roadrunner. To Join just go to our website

This year the MMA wants to focus on our membership. When we have the numbers we can do so much more.

Let’s make 2016 a safe year in Arizona. Please tell your friends and family that do not ride to LOOK OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES. And for us let’s look out for them!!

Cindy Gates
MMA of Arizona Board Member, State Activities MMA of AZ/Board Member,
Leather District Manager, and State Activity Officer

May 6, 2016    MMA News