That question, when someone wants to catch up with you on a day of riding, “Where you at?”.
Someone calls with bike trouble, “Where you at?”, Hey let’s grab a bit to eat, “Where you at?”. Even the apps on your phone are requesting access to your current location, why? Because it’s hard to get directions to your destination without an accurate evaluation of “Where you at?”.

Genesis 3:9 “…the Lord God called to the man (Adam) & said to him, “Where are you?”

When God asked Adam, after he had blown it, “Where you at?”, Was it because God could find him?? No, He asked Adam to get him to do some personal reflection, to think about “Where are you bro?”, “Where’s your head at?”, The question we all should be asking ourselves not only for our short term destinations but more importantly ask “Where you at?” With our destiny & purpose in mind!!

Jesus said “The thief comes only to steal & kill & destroy. I came that they may have life & have it abundantly.” Hmmm “Where you at?”

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