Jack MeyerGoodbye summer heat, hello number one reason why we live in Arizona: 9 months of great weather. As the temperatures cool down more motorcycles are hitting the road. If your Harley-Davidson has been in storage or parked for the majority of the summertime there are several critical tasks that should be completed before taking a ride on your bike. If your motorcycle has been maintained on a trickle charger start up should be no problem. If not, and the bike doesn’t start, never attempt to jump start a Harley-Davidson with a vehicle. For assistance, call the Service Department at Superstition Harley-Davidson

Tires are a critical component of the motorcycle and should not be neglected. Before riding your motorcycle, always set the tire pressure in accordance to the owner’s manual. While still parked in the garage, do a pre-ride walk around inspection verifying the lights work, brake lights activate, front and rear brake system has pressure, and the clutch engagement feels correct. Inspect the area around the motorcycle for any oil or fluid on the ground. It is important to remember to check the engine oil when the motorcycle is hot, never top off oil when the bike is cold.

Superstition Harley-Davidson offers free courtesy inspections on your motorcycle. If you’re in the area, stop into the Service Department to have an inspection performed on your bike before the riding season begins.

Jack Meyer, Service Manager
Superstition Harley-Davidson
2910 W. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ. 85120

May 12, 2017    Motorcycle Tech Tips