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December 9, 2019

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Releases Statement on Road to Zero Report

Mark Buckner Inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation would like to congratulate Mark Buckner, past president, longtime leader and MRF Freedom Fighter Hall of Fame member on his induction into the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Motorcycle Hall of Fame. On Friday December 6th, during the 2019 AMA Legends & Champions Weekend.

Mark Buckner began his leadership in motorcyclists’ rights advocacy in the late 1980s as the state coordinator for ABATE of Colorado. In 1992, Buckner joined the Motorcycle Riders Foundation board of directors, becoming MRF president and chairman two years later. During his tenure, the MRF implemented strategic planning processes which led to the organization’s financial stability and significant growth.

Buckner continues to have a profound influence in the motorcyclists’ rights community, giving seminars throughout the United States on strategic planning, organizational design and member effectiveness. Over the past 25 years, he has delivered more than 100 presentations around the country at state, regional, and national rights conferences.

In addition, Buckner has been a leader in promoting global harmonization of motorcyclists’ rights organizations in the United States and has fostered working relationships within the European motorcyclists’ rights community—bonds that remains strong to this day.

ob Rasor, former AMA President introduced Mark to the attendees while Rick Gray past MRF VP and AMA Chairman of the Board accepted on Mark’s behalf; several current and former MRF Board members were in attendance. Other inductees were Kurt Caselli, Ron Lechien, Wiltz Wagner and Dale Walksler.

Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, MRF Chairman of the Board had this to say, “We couldn’t be more pleased to see Mark recognized by yet another motorcyclist Hall of Fame, without question the MRF has maintained our ability to deliver on our mission and vision due to Mark’s timely leadership and unique skill-set. I suspect many SMRO’s around the country could say the same.”

Congratulations Mark! A well-deserved honor for many years as a Motorcycling Rights Freedom Fighter.

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